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Razer DeathAdder Elite | Official Razer Support

My DeathAdder Elite is unable to function on white surface. What is happening? You might have calibrated the mouse on a different surface. Click "Calibration" in Synapse to (1) recalibrate the mouse on the white surface or (2) untick "ON" checkbox to disable "Surface Calibration." My Razer mouse is out-of-warranty and is not working. Is there any way it can be repaired?

Razer products are designed to work well beyond when the warranty has expired. However, If you feel your mouse is having issues we first suggest trying the mouse on another computer to ensure the issue is with the mouse and not something within the computer system. If you have narrowed the issue to the mouse itself, there is not really a cost effective repair center that would be able to assist you. Razer does make available some basic external spare parts at http://www.razerzone.com/store/gaming-accessories, but we are unable to supply any internal parts or repair guides.

You can clean the mouse sensor using a Q-Tip lightly coated with rubbing alcohol and then letting the sensor dry for five(5) minutes before attempting to use it. It is rare, but a light shot of air from a can of compressed air can sometime free debris that may be causing an issue.

Do you have spare parts available? We do not carry internal parts such as mouse sensors. However, we do have certain spare parts available for purchase from the Razer Store: here. How long is my warranty?

Product warranty lengths differ depending on your Razer product. For example, mice have a two(2) year limited warranty, while keyboards have a one(1) year limited warranty.

Please see full details for warranty lengths: here.

My mouse cursor is not moving.

Please try cleaning the sensor lens with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol and let it dry for five(5) minutes and try the mouse again.

If it still doesn't work, your sensor may have been improperly calibrated when setting up "surface calibration." With the mouse plugged in and flat on your mouse mat, hold down the left click, right click, and mouse wheel button for ten(10) seconds to reset "surface calibration." If this does not work, please contact our Support Team here.

You can clean the sensor using a Q-Tip lightly coated with rubbing alcohol. Let the sensor dry for five(5) minutes before attempting to use it.

We cannot say with certainty what type of dirt and debris may be on your product, or how certain cleaning products may react with it, but we have had good luck cleaning Razer products using commonly available monitor cleaning wipes. To clean the body of your Razer mouse, please take a monitor wipe and use gentle wiping motions. Do not scrub the surface of your Razer mouse.

To get the ultimate experience in movement and control, we highly recommend a premium mouse surface from Razer. Some other surfaces can cause the mouse feet to wear excessively and rapidly.

If it still doesn't work, your sensor may have been improperly calibrated when setting up "surface calibration." With the mouse plugged in and flat on your mouse mat, hold down the left click, right click, and mouse wheel button for ten(10) seconds to reset "surface calibration." If this does not work, please contact our Support Team here.

Are Razer products available in PS/2 versions? Can I use the products with a USB to PS2 adapter? Razer products are only available and supported in USB mode only. There are no plans to release a PS/2 version, and they will not function properly using a USB to PS2 adapter. How can I contact Razer? If you were unable to find the answer to your question(s) in our FAQ, please don"t hesitate to contact us here or call1-888-697-2037. How can I test my Razer Mouse to be sure that the buttons are assigned and working properly? Open the Customizer and assign button 3 to the number 3 on the keyboard, 4 to 4, etc. Open Notepad in Windows and click the corresponding buttons to test if they"ve been binded correctly. If the bindings are not working with a specific game, please contact the game publisher. If it does not work at all, please contact our Customer Support team. How do I change the language of Configurator? The language selection is based on the driver version installed on the computer. There is no option in the Customizer. To correct this issue, uninstall the software and download the appropriate drivers from here. How do I clean and maintain my Razer Mouse for optimum performance?

Before attempting any type of cleaning on your mouse, please unplug it from your computer.

How do I request or purchase replacement parts for my Razer product? For a complete list of our current spare parts and accessories, please click here. If the item you need isn't listed, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team here. How does Razer measure the polling rate (ultrapolling) and response rates of their keyboards and mice? Razer uses digital scopes and USB analyzers connected directly to the motherboard to obtain real and accurate measurements of polling rates. I cannot find my Razer mouse or keyboard in Windows Device Manager under "Mice and other pointing Devices." Razer mice and keyboards are not typically listed under the "Mice and other pointing Devices" section of the Windows Device Manager. They should be listed under "Human Interface Devices. I cannot get the On-The-Fly sensitivity function to work on my Razer mouse. How do I set it? If a button has been assigned to "On-The-Fly sensitivity," pressing and holding the assigned button down while moving the scroll wheel up or down will produce a bar on the lower right hand corner of your screen allowing you to adjust your sensitivity settings. I recently placed an order on the Razer Store and it still shows my order is "In Process". When will my order ship? We are sorry, if there are any delays in processing your order. The product may be out-of-stock or the order may be under protection/fraud review. Please don't hesitate to check your order status at the Razer Store page by entering your information at the Order Status page. I think my Razer product is defective and would like an RMA / exchange. If you were unable to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you are having with the knowledgebase (FAQ) and you feel your product is still defective, please don't hesitate to contact us here or call 1-888-697-2037. I would like information on future Razer products. Unfortunately, Customer Support has no information on future product or driver releases. For any information regarding future products please visit our website or our social media outlets. My mouse cursor is not moving.

Please try cleaning the sensor lens with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol and let it dry for five(5) minutes and try the mouse again.

My Razer peripheral will not work properly when used with a KVM switch. We recommend plugging your Razer product directly into your PC. KVM switches are known to cause interruptions in communications between devices and PCs. If your Razer product works when plugged directly into the computer, then it is operating correctly and the issue is most likely due to the KVM switch. My Razer product does not work at startup after a cold start, what should I do? Make sure that USB ports are not in "hibernation mode." Please go to your Windows "Device Manager" and click the "+" sign next to "Universal Serial Bus Controllers." Click on any "Root Hub" and select "Properties." Click the Power Management tab and ensure that "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power" and proceed to do this under each Root Hub. Also, from the Control Panel and Power Options, select the Hibernation Tab and deselect "Enable hibernate support." My Razer product does not work correctly with a specific program or game. What should I do? If you are experiencing issues with the Razer device in a particular application, test the device in another application to confirm if the issue is specific to that application. If the Razer device functions properly in another application, then the program is likely the cause of the issue. Please feel free to contact Customer Support at http://www.razersupport.com/contact-us/ to report the issue and see if there are any fixes or workarounds for the issue. One of the features of my Razer Product does not work. If you're unable to find an FAQ article that helps resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Support team here. User guides and product manuals are also available on the Support page. What are Master Acceleration and Master Sensitivity Control? Master Acceleration lets you assign the same sensitivity for both the X and Y axis. Master Sensitivity Control allows for fine tuning specific X and Y axis sensitivity. What are some examples of a "Proof-of-Purchase" to provide when initiating an RMA? A valid proof-of-purchase is defined as a dated sales receipt from an authorized Razer Reseller. The receipt must show the 1) product description and 2) price. Invoice slips and e-mail order confirmations can be considered on a case-by-case basis. What buttons can I register for Macros on Razer mice? You can set macros to reflect the majority of keyboard keys except the Windows keys and enhanced function keys. Mouse button presses are not programmable to macros. What is the difference between "driver" and "firmware" updates the Razer Support Site?

Drivers are installed onto your computer and allow your computer to communicate with your Razer product.

Firmware updates are hardware level code to install directly onto the Razer device that can update, fix, or change functionality of the product.

When I use fast-user switching to change between Windows accounts, my configuration of my Razer product is no longer active. This is a general problem with fast-user switching. The configuration of the product is unique and set for the logged in user; once you switch users you will have to re-configure the product. There is no other workaround at this time. Where can I find drivers for my Razer product? Please click here to find all the latest drivers. Why does Razer require a proof-of-purchase?

Razer must verify that the product is within the specified warranty period and that it was purchased from an authorized reseller. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers are often used, counterfeit, re-boxed, defective or gray market goods.

These units may also not be designed and packaged to work in your country and may not meet all legal and safety requirements. Razer will not be able to honor a warranty on products purchased from an unauthorized dealer or that are out of the warranty period.

If you purchased product from an unauthorized reseller, all support and warranty issues should be directed to that reseller.

Will my Razer USB PC product work on a console (Xbox One, PS4, etc)? It has USB ports.

Our PC USB products are meant for PC use only and we do not support using them on a Playstation 4 or Xbox One console.


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Razer DeathAdder Elite Review — New Buttons, Classic Design

The good

  • Comfortable grip
  • Great software
  • Versatile performance
  • Pretty illumination

The bad

  • Almost the same as last year's model
  • Nothing to set it apart from close competitors


The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a comfortable, easy-to-use option for stay-at-home adventurers and tournament jockeys alike.

Elapid snakes, of which the death adder is one, first evolved and diversified in Australia roughly 12 million years ago. While the Razer DeathAdder mouse isn't quite that old, this conservative, reliable peripheral has been around, more or less unchanged, since 2006. Every now and then, Razer gives the old serpent a refresh, and for 2016, that update comes in the form of the DeathAdder Elite ($70).

This all-purpose gaming mouse retains the sleek, ergonomic design and RGB lighting of its forebears while adding two small buttons beneath an improved scroll wheel. This model is not significantly better than the mice that inspired it, but it's still a comfortable, easy-to-use option for stay-at-home adventurers and tournament jockeys alike.


To know what the DeathAdder Elite looks and feels like, you should consult the review of the DeathAdder Chroma; as far as I can tell, only one significant thing has changed. The peripheral is still 5.00 x 2.76 x 1.73 inches in size and ergonomically contoured on both sides, and still offers textured grips for both the thumb and the outermost two fingers.

Credit: RazerCredit: RazerThe only difference this time around is that there are seven buttons instead of five: a left button, a right button, a clickable scroll wheel (more on this in a bit), two thumb buttons and two buttons just beneath the scroll wheel. The two buttons on the mouse's face are new; such buttons had previously been relegated to more expensive Razer mice such as the Mamba TE. I didn't use the new buttons too much on the DeathAdder Elite, but they're unobtrusive and comfortable, and particularly useful if you want to alter dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity on the fly.

The scroll wheel has also picked up a few coarse nubs, which gave me a better grip than I had on previous models. With a more tactile and responsive feel, the scroll-wheel revamp was a helpful addition, but not sorely needed.

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Like its predecessors, the DeathAdder Elite runs on the Razer Synapse 2.0 software. This clean, navigable interface lets you program buttons, create profiles and link them with games, alter the RGB lighting, calibrate the mouse for different surfaces, adjust the DPI (up to 16,000), and tinker with all sorts of other settings.

The DeathAdder mouse (Elite or otherwise) is one of the few "all-purpose" mice that really earns the distinction.

Synapse 2.0 is easy to use and intuitive, especially for users who have owned a Razer product before. In particular, I want to call out the RGB lighting, which handles pinks, yellows and purples with incredible fidelity. Some RGB mice have trouble displaying these colors, instead making them look like dim reds or blues, but each one came through clearly here.


As I've pointed out before, the DeathAdder mouse (Elite or otherwise) is one of the few "all-purpose" mice that really earns the distinction. The mouse was equally adept with Overwatch, StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Marvel Heroes.

The DeathAdder has always been one of my favorite mice for real-time strategy games, and the new version of the mouse did not disappoint for StarCraft II. I had no problem assigning my soldiers to control groups and accessing them at the touch of a thumb button, whether I wanted them to target specific enemies or obliterate everything in their paths. Marvel Heroes, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that also requires a similar amount of furious clicking, also handled well. Playing as Captain America, I cleared Venom and a host of Symbiotes out of a police station, and the mouse helped me find each target without delay.

The RGB lighting handles pinks, yellows and purples with incredible fidelity.

Overwatch and The Witcher 3 were equally good experiences, whether I needed to plant myself in a defensive spot as Bastion in the former or guide Geralt through a dark dungeon on a perilous quest in the latter. The beauty of the DeathAdder Elite is that it's a versatile mouse. You can use a bunch of extra buttons or none at all; the mouse is perfectly comfortable either way, and exhibits the same strengths for competitive and single-player adventures.

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Bottom Line

The only real criticism I can level at the DeathAdder Elite is that adding two extra buttons is a very mild upgrade for a yearly refresh. On the other hand, nothing about the mouse really needed to be fixed. It's still easy to grasp and performs well across a wide variety of game genres.

While the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum and Razer Mamba TE are superior mice in the $80-$90 range, the DeathAdder Elite is still a powerful contender for $70. It's worth checking out this mouse's more expensive competitors, as well as cheaper ones like the Roccat Kova ($50), but the DeathAdder Elite is another well-made iteration of a popular mouse. This one is a fan favorite for a good reason.


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A4 Tech markasının 30 yıllık sektör tecrübesiyle ortaya çıkan Bloody, oyunculara özel; klavye, mouse, ses aygıtı ve aksesuar çeşitleri geliştirmeye devam ediyor. Farklı türlerde oyun oynayan teknoloji tutkunlarının en iyi deneyimi yaşayabilmelerini ve oyunlardaki karakterlerini diledikleri gibi kontrol edebilmelerini mümkün kılan Bloody mouse çeşitleri, markanın yazılım desteğiyle öne çıkıyor.

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